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Making the Most of Mother’s Day Marketing for Your Retail Store

There are about 12 public holidays and 22 observances in New Zealand. So, there are 34 opportunities to attract your buyers and improve sales all year round! 

Talking about important days, Mother’s Day makes for a marketing-worthy phenomenon. 

With specific campaigns and promotions, you can drive revenue and business growth easily.

The nature of your business doesn’t matter, as long as you can incorporate the concept of mothers and mother-figures to your products.

This guide is to help you with your marketing strategy for Mother’s Day, with tips and insights for a successful campaign.

Mother’s Day: An Occasion to Target Your Special Customers 

Mother’s day can ante up your retail sales. 

An average of $274.02 is spent by customers on days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

This is true for businesses providing beauty services, jewellery, tech gadgets and accessories, and much more.

Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s day is one of highly sought after days for Kiwis. 

As important as it is to spoil one’s parents, more people are taking up initiatives to deliver excellent experiences. If this means offering them an opportunity to save on their plan of making their mothers’ lives better

Best Products to Sell with Mother’s Day Offers

As long as the products are customer-centric, you can always incorporate mother’s day offers. If you own a retail store that sells grocery items or a specific niche of products, here are some categories you can roll out offers on. 

1. Wholesale Food 

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating and indulging, making wholesale food items an excellent choice for your Mother’s Day offers. Consider stocking up on gourmet chocolates, artisanal cheeses, premium wines, and specialty snacks that moms can enjoy as a treat or share with loved ones during celebrations. 

Additionally, offering pre-made gift baskets or hampers filled with a curated selection of gourmet goodies can make for an enticing Mother’s Day gift option. These also drive impulse purchases in your store.

Don’t forget to highlight the convenience and value of buying wholesale, allowing customers to stock up on high-quality food items at affordable prices, making their Mother’s Day celebrations even more special.

2. Bulk Beauty Products

The best part about this category is that you can get as creative as you want! 

With assorted bundles containing products like scented candles, body lotions, and face masks, these offers will be focused on providing moms with the ultimate relaxation experience and allow them to indulge in self-care. 

Here are other products to experiment with: 

Skincare Sets: Create skincare sets containing a variety of products such as cleansers, moisturisers, serums, and masks. Offer discounts on these sets to allow customers to pamper their moms with best skincare treatments.

Haircare Bundles: Offer bundles of hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and hair treatments. Consider including products suitable for different hair types and concerns to cater to a wide range of customers.

Fragrance Gift Sets: Curate fragrance gift sets featuring a selection of perfumes, body sprays such as and scented lotions. Offer these sets at discounted prices to help customers find the perfect scent for their moms. Our Impulse Deodorants are one of the in-demand products you can choose for this.

Makeup Kits: Put together makeup kits containing a variety of makeup products such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, and mascaras. Offer special promotions on these kits to allow customers to create beautiful makeup looks for their moms.

3. Cooking & Kitchen Products 

Cooking products or basic kitchenware are among the most gifted categories on Mother’s day. 

Many moms love cooking and baking, so products like these are likely to be sold on an occasion targeted for such moms.

Even if your collection showcases common products like bulk lighters, knives and other kitchen paraphernalia, it’s always best to offer them at a special discount. 

4. Gardening or Home Improvement 

This category can be easily overlooked but has a great potential for Mother’s Day. 

Gardening or home improvement products offer a wonderful opportunity to cater to moms who love spending time nurturing their outdoor spaces or enhancing their living environments. 

Consider offering a wide range of gardening tools, seeds, plants, and outdoor décor items that can help moms create beautiful gardens or spruce up their outdoor spaces. 

Additionally, home improvement products such as decorative accents, furniture, lighting fixtures, and DIY kits can provide moms with the tools and inspiration they need to personalise and improve their homes. 

5. Fitness or Health Products

Many people are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to Mother’s day gifting. This also means capturing the idea of getting mothers things that could improve their health. 

And of course, what could be better than fitness or health products! Common items like sports products, personal hygiene or refreshing hydration and energy drinks for active moms will be the products to offer this Mother’s day. 

These gifts support moms in their health and wellness journeys and encourage them to prioritise self-care.

6. Partyware 

Throwing a party on Mother’s day is the best idea ever, and you can help your customers come up with this idea if you offer a discount on party products.

Wholesale party tableware and party products like paper cups, plates, balloons, candles and more will give your sales an extra boost. 

Capitalise on Mother’s Day & More Festivals with Stock4Shops

One thing about business is to connect with your customers before striving to sell your product; you know it better. 

Whether you’re offering special discounts on gifts, hosting events, or running social media campaigns centred around the theme of motherhood, leveraging the significance of Mother’s Day can help you engage customers and increase sales.

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