Everyday Low Prices

About Us

We understand what it’s like to be bombarded by pesky salesmen, limited product ranges, and prices you constantly have to negotiate. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could browse a wide range of products in your own time and get them delivered right to your business?

We can help you do just that. With over 1000 products available across our range and free or low-cost delivery New Zealand-wide, you’ll no longer have to worry about racing to the supermarket for small deals. Save time negotiating with sales reps and focus on what really matters – serving your customers.

Who We Are

We are a band of brothers who’ve been in the wholesale and distribution industry for 10 years and now want to disrupt it.

We started off running a small operation in the back of our own retail store and have since grown to own multiple businesses. That means that we have a first-hand understanding of the difficulties Kiwi retailers face when trying to stock up on the items their customers want.

We founded Stock4Shops to transform how the industry does business and make life easier for small retailers New Zealand-wide.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Unlike our competitors, all our pricing is fully transparent and visible online. You can be sure that we aren’t hiding anything to try and preserve our competitive advantage.

  • Urban and Rural Delivery

    Whether you run a dairy in the heart of the big city or are a grocer in a small, rural community, we’ll go to you. With Stock4Shops, you get to order entirely at your convenience.

  • Complete Reliability

    With all our stock ready to be shipped in a central, multimillion-dollar facility, everything is ready for you when you need it. That means that whether you need a few items or a large shipment, you can rely on us.

Why Shop Online With Us

Everyday Low Prices
Get access to the best pricing in the market on a some of your best selling inventory lines.
Open Book Buying
You can view our complete shippable range and our exact pricing structure, we have nothing to hide and are completely transparent.
Direct to your store
Save time driving to cash and carry/ major supermarkets for the best bargains. They are all available right here!
Free Express Delivery*
No minimum orders and 2 day shipping mean that you don’t need to overstock.

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