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Classic Bears, Sour Worms & More: Explore Our Range Of Gummy Lollies

Gummy lollies have been around for generations, and continue to be one of the most cherished snacks by children and adults alike. Their delicious flavours, enticing shapes and textures make them the perfect munchies to binge anytime, and anywhere. 

While there is a consistently growing demand for gummies, retailers can take note and curate varieties that appeal most to the customers. Some common varieties include gummy bears, damel sweets, sour candies, lollipops and more that are often bought in bulk. 

Sourcing bulk gummy candy can be a challenge, especially if you are new to the business. It involves finding the right wholesaler, deciding your ideal products, arriving at a reasonable price, and ensuring that you get decent after-sales service. 

Nevertheless, selling gummy candies carries its own rewards. Getting the right products at wholesale rates guarantees optimum inventory and profitable pricing. If you are on the lookout for the best-selling items in gummies, you have come to the right place. Hover a little over our range of gummy as given below. 

Delicious Gummy Lollies For Your Store 

Our assortment of gummy candies and lollies is curated from the best manufacturers of confectionery based in NZ. Here are some bulk gummy candy options for your store that come in an abundant variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures that will leave your customers wanting more. 

  1. Gummy lips – 

Supple, luscious and simply yummy! These irresistible gummy lips make for the best chewables and are quite inexpensive. Their bright red colour can induce craving within the first sight. 

  1. Sour gummy cola bottles – 

One can relish the taste of cola without the fizz and with the fun of chewy gummies! These sour gummies are shaped like cola bottles and are tantalising. The sprinkling of sugar on these gummies adds more to their already delicious flavour. 

  1. Heart shaped gummies – 

Gummies may be known for busting boredom and munching for movie marathons, but they are also used for decorations and festivities. Entice your customers with these cute heart-shaped gummies that can be used for cake decorations, candy jewellery and other purposes wherever they may fit the best. 

  1. Gummy Croissants – 

A french twist to the usual gummies was much awaited!  These gummy “Khwa-sohns” are an absolute delight. We have both sugar-sprinkled and the normal varieties. 

  1. Gummy Hot Dogs – 

The best thing about gummies is their shape. The stranger the shape and the concept, the better. Our hot dog shaped gummies make for a best-selling batch and fly off the shelves almost instantly. 

  1. Sour Patch – 

And here comes the children’s favourite! These soft and chewy gummy lollies pack a punch with their sour coating that gives way to a sweet and fruity flavour. Whether one prefers the classic Sour Patch Kids or wants to try the sour version of your favourite fruits, like watermelon or grapes, there’s a Sour Patch candy for every taste bud.

  1. Sour gummy rings – 

Gummy rings are fun-food that can be used for decorating food, used as side-munchies or played with. These gummy rings make for stackable gummy jewellery that children rave over. 

  1. Gummy rainbow clouds –

Why settle for plain old candy when you can indulge in a colourful and dreamy treat like gummy rainbow clouds? Whether you’re looking to add some excitement to your day or simply need a pick-me-up, these gummies are sure to put a smile on your customers’ face!

  1. Shark gummies –

Let your customers rejoice with these deliciously fruity sharks! Whether chomping down on a Great White or a Hammerhead, they’re sure to make a splash.

  1. Gummy worms – 

The only word with “worms” in it that creates excitement! Let your buyers relish a pack of gummy worms. These wriggly treats are bursting with fruity flavour and are a classic candy staple.

  1. Dragon Gummy bears –

If anyone’s up for a pinch of sweetness and spiciness, our dragon gummy bears are just the choice! These wholesale sweets are shaped like fierce little bears and are packed with explosive flavours. 

  1. Rainbow fish gummies –

With shark gummies being a loved variant, how can one forget fish gummies? Dive into a sea of flavour with our rainbow fish gummies! These colourful little fishies are as delicious as they are eye-catching.

  1. Sour Gummy Pythons – 

Get ready to pucker up with our sour gummy pythons! These slithering snakes are coated in a tangy sour sugar that will make anyone’s taste buds tingle.

  1. Sour watermelon gummies – 

Not all kids are thrilled about having fruits, but they surely would not say no to fruit-flavoured gummies. These mouth-watering sweet munchies are luscious and provide a pinch of watermelon’s refreshing taste. 

  1. Happy spider gummies – 

The best picks that sell both on and off-halloween season are here! Expand your “spooky” gummy collection with delicious spider gummies that come in vibrant colours like blue, green, red and yellow. 

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