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Bulk Confectionery 101: 5 Things To Consider Before Buying From A Confectionery Wholesaler

Operating a confectionery business can be overwhelming. You have a lot to keep up with, and at the same time, you want to get things rolling without any hassles.

As time goes by, you can expect to gain a boatload of experience that will help you run the business. But when it’s about getting started, you not only need to survive but also develop a sound footing that leads you to greater heights of success.

When starting a business, especially one dealing in wholesale confectionery, there is a need to source the products. And now that we have touched on the topic, there are many aspects that can be covered.

Important Factors To Swear By When Choosing A Confectionery Wholesaler


One of the primary factors in finding the right supplier of bulk confectionery is the cost. You wouldn’t miss out on the quality of the products, but if the price isn’t capable of saving you the profit you deserve, then it is not going to cut it. Of course, saving some of the cost for yourself is not selfish; after all, it is what keeps the business afloat. 

When purchasing bulk candy and sweets, don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping. It can render small confectionery orders obsolete, so do your homework before placing an order.

Take your time getting to know the local suppliers around you and then comparing their prices. Find out what other services they may offer, such as free shipping, help with bulk orders, fast shipping, no minimum order, etc. 


Are the majority of your customers adults or children? Or do you intend to operate a traditional, artisan, or specialty confectionery shop? Consider your consumer base and the style of candy business you want to operate, since these are two significant aspects that will influence the types of sweets you buy.

A high-end chocolate shop, for example, is likely to appeal to people shopping for gifts, holidays, and other special events.

On the other hand, a bulk candy store that sells novelty treats is more likely to appeal to children. When you have your objective planned out, you can find a wholesaler who caters to the type of products you want to sell.

Shelf Life 

Confectionery encompasses a multitude of sweet delights, and it may not be possible for you to sell them all. Many still think of confectionery as a place doused with the aroma of freshly glazed donuts, but to some, it may look like an aisle filled with their favorite chocolates. 

Dry or packed confectionery items last longer than fresh products, but their shelf life varies significantly. Bulk candies like ravazzi sweets, gummy worms, and Damel sweets come in open packaging, so they need more upkeep.

Nevertheless, the best method to keep it fresh is to keep it in a cold, dark area away from moisture. Avoid exposure to a warm, humid atmosphere or direct sunlight.

Some sugar-based sweets have a longer shelf life than others, but if not stored in an airtight container, they will all deteriorate. It may include discoloration, mold, or softness, but it does not render them unfit for consumption. 

Wide range of products 

“Confectionery has a limit,” said no one ever. The more variety there is, the better it is. Keeping multiple options of one variant is what gets your customers hooked, and they are more likely to buy more from you.

Along with this, you will have to stock best-selling brands that will be bought often. For this, the best place to begin is with a well-known bulk confectionery supplier. Inquire if they can have the sweets delivered to your storefront at a justifiable shipping rate. 


Is the wholesaler you’re buying from the best in the industry? Have they been in the wholesale business for years? Do they deal professionally? Have you read their reviews from previous customers? If your answer is “no” to most of the questions, you probably need to re-evaluate your choice. 

Many self-proclaimed wholesalers promise cheap products that may seem too enticing at first, but they do not always promise the quality that you are expecting. These run-of-the-mill suppliers do not often take your requirements into account, and they are less flexible in catering to special demands. 

This only increases your hassle, and more of your time goes into procuring the products, which could have been spent in more productive avenues of the business. 

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