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Top 10 Bulk Confectionery Picks For Your Store To Bring In More Sales

The confectionery industry, particularly in New Zealand, is booming, with an expected annual growth rate of 29.72% (CAGR 2022-2025). This figure brings our attention to the projected market volume of US$136.70 million that is likely to be achieved by 2025.

The data from the report mentioned above reveals revenue from confectionery products alone has surpassed all other snacks in New Zealand. And while this penchant for candies, chocolates, and other tidbits is on the rise, confectionery retailers can use this surge to their advantage.


And unlike other products,bulk confectionery actually sells itself. The moment a buyer enters a confectionery store, it is rare that they will keep their hands on just one product. Adding one item leads to buying another, and this increases your sales without a lot of marketing. 

But since the scope of confectionery is so vast, with thousands of types and brands, it is natural for a retailer to get puzzled. So, if you wish to find out the bestsellers in confectionery, this blog is for you.

Best Selling Wholesale Confectionery: Drive More Footfall & Sales In Your Store

These candy store must-haves will help you outshine your competitors while pleasing your buyers. 

  1. Gummies – 

Every confectionery lover has a weakness for gummies. These come in tempting packaging and in unlimited shapes or textures. And while they taste almost the same (with different variations), their demand is rising at a great pace.

Customers pick gummies because of obvious reasons – they’re cute, and delicious & remind them of childhood memories.

Pro Tip: While stocking gummies for your store, make sure to include varieties like 

Gummy worms, gummy bears, croissants, cola bottles, sour rings, gummy clusters, gummy lips, and more Note that the more varieties you have, the better options you can offer your customers, thus making them buy more.

  1. Mints – 

People keep mints with them at all times. They are good for oral hygiene and come in a variety of flavours and sizes.

Pro Tip:  Keeping mints in your store is a good gesture. Most customers buy them without thinking twice. You can display them right at the cash counter or behind it, so they can be noticed easily. 

  1. Chocolate bars – 

Chocolate & cereal bars are the best way to bust hunger or boredom. From children to grown adults, everyone loves gnawing on bars. 

Nowadays, chocolate bars are coming in healthy variants, like protein ones. These are typically suitable for normal consumers & fitness enthusiasts. This is your cue to get such bars for your confectionery store. 

Pro Tip: Musashi is a great brand catering to protein-enriched chocolate bars. Make sure to get wholesale Musashi or similar brands of wholesale protein bars from a verified supplier for your store.

  1. Jelly beans – 

Jelly beans are all-time favourite sweets that can be eaten raw or incorporated into anything – cakes, desserts and sweet starters. Their versatility makes them one of the most popular wholesale confectionery options for retailers.

This would surprise you, but Jelly beans are actually good for consumption – 

They’re made with high-quality sugar that releases dopamine! As for Dopamine, it is a hormone that the body releases, making someone feel happy. You can surely tell this to your customers too! 

Pro Tip: Make an attractive display of jellybeans in your store to garner special attention. This way, your customers will not miss out on them. 

  1. Candy toys – 

The best thing about candy toys is that they are delicious and fun. While the majority of the target buyers are kids, adults too are tempted to get them.

For a confectionery store, candy toys do wonders. They intrigue your buyers and encourage them to make repeat purchases. 

  1. Fruit Snacks – 

Picky eaters may not be great fans of healthy fruits and vegetables, but they wouldn’t miss out on fruit-flavoured gummies. Sweet, tangy, or with a sour flavour, fruit snacks can be incorporated into desserts, cakes, or even as a mid-afternoon snack. 

Even though snacks can’t replace a well-balanced diet, they are a great way to replace unhealthy foods that don’t offer much nutrition. Some of the fruit snacks may contain Vitamins A and C, which may persuade parents to buy them for their children.

Pro Tip: Keep a variety of fruit snacks like fruit bars, fruit jerky, flats, lollies, gummies, and fruit strips like Jolly rancher NZ in the store. This will give your customers a lot to choose from.

  1. Bubble Gums –

Bubble gum is a fun, sweet treat that is relished by many. Nowadays, it comes in a plethora of flavours, shapes, colours, and textures, which makes the customers want it more.  

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the classic Hubba Bubba bubble tape, extreme bubblemints and similar products for the bubble gum section in your store.

Additional Tips 

While striving to stock the best bulk confectionery, always keep the specific dietary or lifestyle requirements of your customers in mind. 

Try to meet certain checkpoints, including – Dairy Free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan or Vegetarian & Gelatin Free. This will help you recommend the products with confidence. 

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