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Your Retail Guide to Stocking Up on Best Products This Winter

During the month of May in New Zealand, retailers, especially those in the grocery and general retail sectors, have several potential opportunities to capitalise on. 

Sure, winter’s a few months ahead of now but this is the right time to get stocking! 

In this blog, we’ve categorised products for winter-centric discounts, offers or collections that may help you target your customers in the coming chilly season. 

Winter Promotions

Thinking of seasonal discounts to keep the customers coming back? Here’s an excellent category to target:

Bulk Confectionery

For freezing cold winter evenings, people love nothing better than curling up on the couch with a big bag of gummies or candies. This is your cue to stock up on bulk confectionery to satisfy those sweet cravings during cosy nights in.

Whittaker’s Chocolates

Now, if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, you can’t go wrong with Whittaker’s chocolate. These Kiwi favourites come in a variety of flavours and are perfect for indulging in some winter comfort.

Seasonal Specials

People are always on the lookout for products that help them acclimate better to the changing weather. Here’s a list of products you can stock up on. 

Seasonal Decor 

Spruce up your store with some seasonal decorations to get everyone in the winter spirit. Think candles, fairy lights, and maybe even some winter-themed decor items to add a festive touch.

Entertaining Essentials

And if your customers are planning any winter gatherings or celebrations, make sure you’ve got all the entertaining essentials they’ll need, like party tableware, solo red cups, cocktail mixers, snacking munchies and more..

Winter Essentials

Whether for home or for other casual settings, people are on the lookout for these products to beat the chilly nights.


If your customers are planning any outdoor activities like bonfires or BBQs, they’ll need lighters to get things started. Make sure you’ve got a good selection of lighters, from the basic disposable ones to the fancier refillable ones.

Smoking and Vaping Products

And for those who enjoy a smoke or vape, make sure you’ve got plenty of options available, from cigarettes and cigars to vaping devices and e-liquids.

Health and Wellness Products

With the onset of colder weather, customers get a little more mindful of their health and wellness. 

This is your opportunity to stock up on products so that your customers get what they want right from your store and nowhere else. 

Soothing Remedies

Seasonal changes can lead to sore throats, and nobody likes them. 

Throat-soothing lozenges and medicines are the easiest products to be sold at cash registers, since winters are the best days when customers are actually looking for them.

Common lozenges or throat drops like Vicks, Strepsils, Throaties and Quick-Eze are some of the popular ones. 


Believe it or not, this is the time when most babies are conceived NZ wide. With rising demand for intimate products and sexual health essentials, you can target your customers easily. 

Products like Durex condoms, Libra menstrual products and Cleablue pregnancy tests are in high demand. Stocking up on these means being a responsive retail strategy that will get you ahead of other retailers in the long run.

Winter Comfort Foods

As the temperatures drop, there is often an increased demand for hearty and comforting foods. Retailers can capitalise on this by stocking up on ingredients for Jack links’ wholesale Jerky, soups, stews, casseroles, and other warm and nourishing meals. 

Additionally, you can offer promotions on pantry staples and baking supplies for customers looking to indulge in baking during the colder months.

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