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Winter Specials: Promote These Products at Your Retail Store to Boost Your Sales

As temperatures drop, it’s the perfect time to entice customers with seasonal promotions and products that warm the soul. 

In this post, we’ve made a list of wholesale products to promote at your retail store, helping you boost sales and keep customers coming back for more. 

Whether you’re a small retail outlet or a large department store, you can have these products displayed at your aisles during winters. 

So let’s continue, shall we?

Popular Winter Products in New Zealand

1. Scented Candles 

Winter is the time when people want their home to be a cosy, warm corner. Scented candles help lighten the mood and deliver that warmth with their subtle aroma. 

That’s why during the winter season, a lot of households and commercial spaces shop for decor items. Scented candles are among the most popular decor items they choose, and this could be an advantage to your grocery store as well. 

Look for popular fragrances like Cherry, Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, and so on. If you want to display more discernible options, try stocking up on floral and citrus scents. Candy brands like Skittles and Chupa Chups have their scented candle options too, and they’re amazing. 

2. Lip Balms & Moisturisers 

Winter means chapped lips and no one likes those. This is the season where most people look to get their plump lips and healthy skin back. With Vaseline lip balms, you remind your customers to do some self-care and protect their body from the unyielding temperatures. 

Furthermore, cream based moisturisers also help in retaining skin moisture and preventing dryness throughout the season. Make sure these products are displayed in high traffic aisles for maximum effect.

3. Throaties 

Soothing remedies for sore throats are just the right way to get started on winter stock. These include chewable candies or lozenges for quick relief from sore, paining throats. 

Consider brands like Vicks Naturals and Strepsils. Quick-eze and Hall’s throaties are also great product options that ease not only sore throats, but also coughs and minor symptoms of cold.

4. Kitchen Essentials 

‘Tis the season to get cooking! Kiwis enjoy freshly baked cookies, roasted chicken and a lot more during the cold months. This brings us to kitchenware and other essential items that people buy during this period. 

Aluminium foil, trays and muffin pans are among the popular kitchen stapes every household needs. Then we also have lighters. 

5. Winter Confectionery 

Of course, how can the list be complete without sweet treats! When residents want to be curled up in their blanket while it’s snowing outside, they’d want more than just snacks. Popular bulk confectionery such as gummy candies, Reese’s buttercups, Whittakers chocolate and more experience a great demand during these months. 

This also includes ready to eat snacks like Pringles and Takis. Don’t miss out on hot chocolate options, that’s the Beyoncé of winter products.

6. Condoms NZ 

Did you know that most babies in New Zealand are conceived around Christmas, with the most common birthday being September 29. This brings us to contraceptives, being one of the most bought products in retail stores during freezing cold months. 

Durex condoms are quite popular in NZ and need no introduction. However, strategic placement of the product in high traffic areas like entrance and exit can help you sell it out more while fulfilling customer demands.

Along with condoms, pregnancy tests can also be displayed. Clearblue Pregnancy tests are reliable, branded test kits that come with 99% accuracy and are in more demand than other brands. 

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Happy Winters!

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