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Why Whittaker’s Chocolate is the Best Chocolate Ever

Whittaker’s chocolate has been around for ages, and the love for the brand hasn’t faded one bit. 

Given its rich history, noteworthy flavours and consistent quality, the demand for Whittaker’s block and bars has only grown in demand. 

From its humble beginnings to becoming a beloved household name, Whittaker’s is a name on every chocolate lover in NZ. As a retailer in wholesale confectionery, stocking up on this chocolate is the best choice made. 

In this blog, we’ve enlisted some of the popular choices in Whittaker’s that can help you customise your selection and offer it to your customers. 

All About Whittakers: What Makes it So Special

Whittaker’s has been a family-owned and run business since the 1890s, and the product is still created in New Zealand, Porirua to be exact. 

Their chocolate has no palm oil, and their 33% Creamy Milk Block and 72% Dark Ghana Block are made using fair trade cocoa beans, butter, and sugar sourced from Ghana and Costa Rica. 

They’ve been quite transparent about how their chocolate is made and you can also find that information on their website.

Along with the quality, another thing about Whittakers is that they’ve kept the taste consistent. Thanks to their choice of ingredients and manufacturing processes, that keep the chocolates tasting like a piece from heaven. 

Most chocolate enthusiasts in NZ will agree that Whittaker’s is by far the richer, creamier, tastier chocolate there ever is. There are so many different flavours to choose from and with each of us preferring a different flavour, I wonder which is your favourite Whittaker’s flavour?

Best Whittakers Chocolates: In-Demand Picks in NZ

1. Coconut Block

This is hands-down the best chocolate by Whittakers. 

You must be expecting the Peanut Slab, but you’ll find it later in the article.

The Creamy Milk pairs perfectly with coconut shavings that have just the right texture – not too dry and not too chewy. The abundance of coconut in each bite gives the impression of indulging in pure chocolate goodness. 

It’s irresistibly addictive. Other coconut chocolate options in New Zealand have a consistent waxy aftertaste. Consider the diminished regard we would have for coconut in chocolate if it weren’t for Whittaker’s.

For that reason – for accomplishing something that no one else has even come close to – it stands out from other options.

2. Hazella

Hazelnut+Nutella = Hazella? A quick look at the name may make you think that this was a Nutella collaboration, but there’s no evidence to support that assumption. 

And if it’s not associated with Nutella then what does Whittaker’s Hazella mean? 

As far as the taste goes, every bite reminds of that period where we used to think Nutella is somewhat better than Guylian seashells, which were often seen as a luxurious treat. It’s creamy, smooth, rich in taste and tastes similar to Nutella with hints of milk.

2. Whittakers Creamy Milk Chocolate

We insist that Whittaker’s Creamy Milk must be in your collection. It’s the staple flavour and the one you buy if you want to please everyone. 

It is also a key component in approximately half of the other flavours, making it a highly versatile ingredient that has been used numerous times. 

3. Macadamia Block

Everyone knows that macadamia nuts are considered high-end. It’s clear that Macadamia Block was the priciest among all the blocks, considering the varying costs of production. 

There must’ve been like $10 worth of macadamias in one $5 block of chocolate. 

However, the experience was truly remarkable until its conclusion. Whittaker’s decision to discontinue it was primarily driven by the fact that they did not generate significant profits from its sales, making it impractical to allocate substantial resources towards its production.

In other words, Whittaker’s made a flavour that was too good and too popular to sustain. That’s powerful.

4. Dark Peppermint

In my opinion, this flavour is often overlooked. Dark Peppermint is so disrespected it isn’t even available as a block. 

Dark Ghana Peppermint is a bold and intense experience for the senses, while Dark Peppermint offers a more refined and sophisticated flavour. 

A rich dark chocolate with a refreshing peppermint flavour, free from any chunks or gooey centres. Similar to Dark Orange in its execution but more useful in that it’s not too sweet and feels sophisticated. 

People could take Dark Peppermint for dessert, but the barriers to access are high (many dairies and supermarkets don’t sell the novelty size and there’s something weird about buying the share bags with all those wrappers).

5. Creamy Caramel

It’s quite surprising to discover the extent of Cadbury’s dominance in New Zealand when you’re left pondering the mysterious nature of Creamy Caramel. 

But Whittaker’s answer to Caramello is actually the true king, due to its base chocolate just being that much better. 

Creamy Caramel is a bold choice, but it’s undeniably a timeless flavour.

6. White Chocolate

Is this a topic of debate? I’ve lost all perspective. White chocolate has had a tough go of it thanks to Milky Bar and Dream being everyone’s first thought. It’s widely recognised that those two flavours don’t quite capture the essence of chocolate. However, Whittaker’s White Chocolate does. I can only eat a little bit of it at a time due to my own dairy issues but if you want the smoothest sweet, White Chocolate is the block for you.

7. Peanut Slab

Unlike the flavour of Cornflake Slab that was launched and then discontinued within a year, Peanut Slab has weathered all storms and continues to sell like crazy. 

The flavour combination seems similar to Reese’s buttercups but trust us; it’s better. 

This iconic chocolate bar, crafted by Whittaker’s, boasts a delectable combination of rich milk chocolate and crunchy roasted peanuts, creating a symphony of flavours and textures that delights the taste buds with every bite.

Goes without saying, Peanut Slab is a must-have for every wholesale confectionery and chocolate store. 

8. Dark Block

Whittakers Dark Block is the ideal choice for baking, striking the perfect balance between a creamy texture that doesn’t melt on your fingers and a rich, intense flavour that avoids any graininess. 

Dark Ghana accounts for 72% of the chocolate, and any other flavours with “Dark Ghana” in the name also contain 72% chocolate. It’s a logical choice. Dark Block is only 50% chocolate, which is puzzling considering that all the other “Dark” flavours use 62% chocolate.

9. Blondie

Whittaker’s Blondie is a decadent addition to any retailer’s chocolate selection. This sophisticated treat features creamy white chocolate infused with caramel swirls, offering customers a delightful flavour experience. 

Perfect for those seeking a unique and indulgent chocolate option, Whittaker’s Blondie is sure to fly off the shelves. Its premium quality and irresistible taste make it a standout product that will attract chocolate lovers looking for something special. 

With Whittaker’s reputation for excellence, offering Blondie in your store is sure to satisfy customers’ cravings for delicious and high-quality chocolate treats.

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