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Whittakers Chocolate Update for Retailers: What’s In & What’s Out

So, it’s been quite a whirlwind of events. 

This March, the legendary chocolate brand Whittakers announced the end of an era, saying the production of the Classic Toffee Milk Chocolate bar will be halted indefinitely. 

Citing manufacturing constraints among other popular chocolate products and plummeting sales, the brand had to make a “tough call” and go public about it on March 19, 2024.

But this isn’t the only product that got the axe. Here are some of the products that are not available in the market as of now. 

All Discontinued Whittaker’s Chocolates Till Date

These are just a few of the numerous Whittaker’s chocolates that have been discontinued over time. With so many flavours to pick from, some will undoubtedly go by the wayside. Here are some of the unsung heroes that were taken away from us too early: 

Toffee Milk: Whittaker’s has announced the termination of Toffee Milk in 2023 owing to manufacturing restrictions. Toffee Milk was a popular flavour for many years, and its loss has left a hole in Whittaker’s fans’ hearts (and stomachs).

Strawberry: Whittaker’s Strawberry Chocolate was a fan favourite with its combination of creamy milk chocolate and sweet strawberry flavour. Unfortunately it was discontinued a while ago, leaving them with eyes except for chocolate. Many crave its sweet taste.

Macadamia: Known for its sweet, nutty flavour, Whittaker’s Macadamia Chocolate was briefly discontinued in 2010 but overwhelming demand made a triumphant return in 2021, once again delighting fans with macadamia soft pieces covered in soft chocolate

Full Eighty: Whittaker’s Full Eighty Dark Chocolate pieces were popular with connoisseurs who appreciate its strong cocoa flavour and bitter taste notes whose cracks leave a void for those who enjoyed the chocolate. The richness of this beauty was fascinating.

Indian Cardamom & Italian Apricot: An exotic treat, of course! Unfortunately discontinued Whittaker’s Artisan/Destination 100g blocks with wonderful flavours of Indian Cardamom and Italian Apricot. This unique blend of ingredients created a wonderful blend of spices and fruits that left a lasting impression on those lucky enough to taste it. 

Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea: Another casualty of the craft/destination craze, Whittaker’s Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea chocolate offers a refined flavour that is pleasing to the discerning palate and what it lacks shelves made all tea and chocolate lovers crave this unique taste.

Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Spice: Whittakers always keeps experimenting with chocolates and this one was no surprise. With a unique bold and spicy plus sweet taste profile Whittakers Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Spice chocolate was a thrilling indulgence, indeed. Part of the discontinued Artisan/Destination collection, its fiery kick added a unique twist to the chocolate experience, leaving a fiery legacy in its wake.

New Releases in Whittakers Chocolates

While they bid adieu to one product, another one was born. Whittaker’s just released a new flavour in April 2024 called Mango & Coconut chocolate block!

It’s inspired by a popular Thai dessert, mango sticky rice. This caramelised white chocolate block is packed with chewy mango pieces and toasted coconut .

While they haven’t announced any flavours coming after this one, Whittaker’s mostly announces its new updates on social media. 

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