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Top 7 Office Stationery Supplies Every Business Needs

No business can run without office supplies; be it cute post-it notes, standard pencils and pens, paper or just a bunch of staplers. Stationery is one of the unspoken assets that help us orgaise tasks and improve productivity. 

But what are the best bulk stationery products that are inexpensive yet good-quality? Take a read below and find out for yourself.

Top Must-Have Stationery Products For Every Business 

The importance of well-chosen labels in the industry cannot be overstated. From enhancing organisation to facilitating communication, these essential tools play a vital role. Let’s explore the top wholesale stationery that every business should have.

1. Pens & Markers

It’s safe to say that every office, no matter what your field, needs pens or markers. From taking notes at meetings to writing up ideas on a whiteboard, there are a range of different pens on the market that serve different purposes. 

We stock a range of different pens and markers which include the economic Tyno ballpoint pens available in bulk, colourful highlighters, and white board markers.

2. Notebooks & Notepads

If you’re a note taker, or simply like to jot down a to-do list every day, a notebook can come in handy. 

Whether you like something with added durability or perhaps you’re after colourful sticky notes, these are highly sought-after in workspaces. If you own an educational institution, you’d also experience the need for stocking up on notepads.

3. Mailing & Doculopes

At some stage any business will need to send items via the post or courier. Doculopes are a cost-effective way to protect documents in the office and during transit. 

Scotch pouch tape is also great to have on hand as it offers a very quick way of fastening documents to your parcel. 

Need to keep items safe during transit? Get self-adhesive courier mailers or alternatively for extra protection, the foil bubble mailers.

4. Scissors

Scissors are indispensable office supplies because of their versatility and usefulness. These cutting tools provide precision for a variety of tasks, from opening packaging to cutting paper to creating hands-on presentations. 

In an office environment, cans facilitate efficient paper handling, resulting in a more attractive and organized work environment. Their usefulness extends far beyond paper, and is obviously useful for cutting ribbon, wire, or packaging. 

As a key bulk stationery tool, scissors play an important role in a well-equipped workplace and it is maintaining the business.

5. Staplers & Hole Punches

If you do a lot of filing, staplers and hole punches are a must have. Our range of staplers are suitable for most standard sized office staplers. 

Staplers promote a flexible and organized work environment, which supports flexible business processes and effective communication. 

Available in a variety of styles, from manual to electric, staplers offer versatility to accommodate paper sizes and thicknesses. 

Specifically, these small devices play a vital role in promoting efficiency, organization and professionalism in any workplace.

6. Stamps

Make processing invoices and accounts a breeze with office stamps.Envelope stamps are crucial office stationery supplies for several reasons. Firstly, they serve as a practical and professional method of affixing postage to outgoing mail. 

This ensures that correspondence reaches its destination seamlessly. Secondly, stamps contribute to a polished and branded image for the business, enhancing its professionalism. 

Overall, these stamps are indispensable tools that not only facilitate efficient mail handling but also reinforce a company’s commitment to professionalism and attention to detail in its communication practices.

7. Tape

Whether you need to stick papers for general use or keep your couriers intact, tapes are just the right product. Stationery tapes are easy to tear and transparent, they also come on a large coil so they’re bound to last a while. 

If it’s packaging tape that you’re after though, you can’t go past the Cellotape range. Cellotape clear and brown tapes are cost-effective and quality tapes that are easy to manage and dispense.

Also don’t forget duct tape. It’s the best item to hold stuff in place, and is widely used for packaging. 

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