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Tempting Delights: Shop Fresh Selection of Cadbury Chocolates in NZ

New Zealand’s confectionery market is booming unstoppably, and Cadbury confectionery is one of the many products in huge demand.

While it’s true that Cadbury is the second-most loved after Whittakers chocolate in New Zealand, the future has a lot in store for the $5.73 billion company.

The British multinational, which is about the second largest in the world, is growing unstoppably and has no reason not to. With the resurgence of its delicious Caramilk chocolate, recipe improvements, and much more on its agenda, Cadbury continues to be a beloved and iconic brand that is cherished worldwide.

If you’ve considered getting Cadbury products for your store, you’ve found just the place. We’ve enlisted some of the bestselling Cadbury chocolates you can stock up on. Without further ado, let’s read on.


Cadbury Chocolates: What’s So Special About them?

One of the best parts of confectionery retail is knowing the best-performing items immediately. Cadbury is a name that everyone knows, and their delicious variety beats other chocolate brands. As a retailer, you can benefit from Cadbury Chocolate in several ways. 

1. Checkout Counter Displays 

Cadbury is famous for its bite-sized sweet treats and snackable chocolate blocks. You can make the most of Cadbury confectionery by keeping it near the checkout corner. While a customer is completing a purchase, they’ll instantly notice the chocolate. The next thing you know, they’ll add them to their order. If you see it the other way around, you didn’t have to do anything except place the chocolates!

2. Festivals, Events & More

Most retailers miss out on catchy festival-themed displays and thus experience lesser foot traffic even at the busiest times of the year. For any approaching holidays or events, you can introduce offers on your Cabdury stock, along with themed displays. Believe it or not, 61% of shoppers admit purchasing something influenced by in-store displays alone. Add your creative flair to your collection, and you’ll have an excellent in-store display to improve your buyers’ shopping experience.

3. A Chance to Upsell & Cross-Sell

Since Cadbury has an immense product variety, you can convince your buyers to shop for more. If you present your customers with a product offering of seemingly better value, they’ll reconsider their choice and be prompted to buy the higher-priced item. This is known as impulse buying, which is quite effective in confectionery products. You can create bundles with other chocolates or products for successful upselling at a slightly discounted price.

4. Longer Shelf-Life

Cadbury chocolates are known for their quality and longer shelf-life. As a retailer, you can confidently stock these chocolates without worrying about them expiring quickly. This aspect of Cadbury products reduces the risk of overstocking and allows you to keep a consistent supply for your customers.

Our Bestselling Picks in Cadbury Confectionery

1. The Cadbury Buzz Bar

The Buzz Bar is a chewy treat that tastes best when served chilled. Unlike conventional chocolates, Cadbury’s Buzz Bar comes with a delicious fluffy marshmallow centre and a coating of caramel on top, all covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. The Buzz Bar is a sought-after chocolate and is among the top bestsellers in Cadbury chocolate.

2. Cadbury Chocolate Block

Count these in if sinking your teeth into a big, thick bar of chocolate is a hobby. Chocolate blocks come in various decadent flavours, including Cadbury Chocolate Block Caramello, Coconut Rough, Turkish Delight, Fruit & Nut, Hazelnut, and Roast Almond. Apart from feasting alone, the chocolate block is also used in baking and decorating food — quite a versatile chocolate you can stock up on.

3. Cadbury Chocolate Fish

Kids love shaped confectionery, and Cadbury understands this well. Cadbury chocolate fish finds the top spot among gummy bears, worms, cola bottles, and other shaped sweets. As a Kiwi-exclusive chocolate, this marshmallow-centred sweet treat covered with Cadbury Chocolate is a must-buy. 

4. Black Forest Chocolate

The Cadbury Black Forest block is a tasty combination of cherry-flavoured jelly bits and biscuit pieces combined and covered in New Zealand’s favourite Dairy Milk Chocolate. As a versatile product, the Black Forest Chocolate from Cadbury makes for a delicious bestseller all year round.

5. Caramilk chocolate

This is one of the best sweet treats for caramel lovers. Caramilk chocolate is a golden blend of Cadbury white chocolate with a smooth, creamy caramel chocolate flavour. It has a different taste and is often bought by kids and adults. 

6. Flake Chocolate

A perfect, melt-in-the-mouth delight, indeed. Consisting of thinly folded milk chocolate, The Cadbury Flake chocolate bar has a unique crumbly, soft texture that. As one of the special picks in the Cadbury collection, you can look forward to stocking the Flake Chocolate in your store.

Shop The Best Collection of Cadbury Wholesale Products Online

Cadbury chocolate is a must-have for your retail store as one of the best-selling chocolates in NZ and beyond. Yet, sourcing it from a reliable supplier is equally important since you want higher profit margins and the commitment to timely delivery to keep up with your customer’s expectations. 

While you might source Cadbury wholesale confectionery from other wholesale chocolate distributors, you could encounter challenges like price negotiations, quality concerns, or even hefty delivery fees. Fortunately, at Stock4Shops, we’ve resolved these issues with our unique and personalised offerings:

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Explore our delightful assortment of Cadbury chocolates and entice your customers with these irresistible treats!

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