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Menthol Filters, Rolling Papers & More: Stock Up The Best Items In Bulk Rates

Vaping and smoking products cater to a sizable population in New Zealand. This is evident in the aggregate market value of tobacco-related products, which stands at US$2.56 billion. Since there is a burgeoning demand for such products, with the average user being over 18, there is a lot in store for retailers to increase their profits.

The usual consumers consist of casual smokers or regular smokers, but you don’t have to focus a lot on the details. What matters is having the right products that are bought most frequently. There are a variety of items like menthol filters, rolling papers, lighters, and more that can enhance your customer experience.

But why settle for buying these items individually when you can get them at bulk rates? Whether you want to buy lighters in bulk or procure wholesale products, you can have the best-selling products on hand when your customers need them. Plus, you get to save up a lot!

In this blog, we will be exploring the benefits of procuring these products in bulk and providing you with some tips on how to choose the best items. So, whether your customer is a novice smoker or more of a “vaping connoisseur,” you can cater to their needs without a worry.

Advantages of buying smoking accessories in bulk

Buying smoking accessories in bulk has many benefits, including:

Cost Savings: Buying smoking accessories like rolling papers and lighters in wholesale can save you a significant amount of money. Bulk purchases often come with discounts, and the more you buy, the more you save. Additionally, buying in bulk helps reduce shipping costs and eliminates the need for frequent reordering.

Convenience: Having an inventory of smoking accessories on hand can make the purchasing process more convenient for your customers. They can easily find what they need and won’t have to make frequent trips to purchase individual items.

Customer Loyalty: Stocking up on popular smoking accessories can enhance the customer experience and lead to customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to return to your store if they know they can find everything they need in one place.

Better Control of Inventory: By purchasing in bulk, you can control your inventory levels better. You won’t run out of popular items, and you can easily monitor your stock levels to determine when to reorder.

Choosing the Best Smoking Accessories For Your Store

When choosing smoking accessories to purchase in bulk, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Popularity: Like normal products, vaping items also carry brand value. You may know if your customers prefer inexpensive, easy-to-use products more or if they swear by more premium items. This will help you choose the best-selling brands for the types of customers that visit your store. Procuring these items from a verified wholesaler gives you the edge to serve your customers before your competitors do.

Quality: Always choose high-quality smoking accessories to ensure customer satisfaction. Cheap or low-quality products may save you money at first, but they can lead to dissatisfied customers and reduced profits in the long run.

Brand Reputation: It is imperative to consider the reputation of the brand to buy lighters in bulk. Brands that are known for their quality and reliability are more likely to satisfy your customers and lead to repeat business.

Stock Up on Lighters, Filters & Rolling Papers With NZ’s Leading Wholesale Supplier

Buying in bulk sure has its advantages. But how can you get your preferred stock in bulk, and that too at the desired prices? All possible questions lead to one answer; and that is a reliable distributor of wholesale products. Stock4Shops is a haven of products like menthol filters, rolling papers, and lighters that you can buy at bulk prices.

We are 100% Kiwi owned, and we understand the ins and outs of Kiwi retail. Our decade-old experience in the wholesale business helps us cater to retailers’ unique needs. With that being said, we envision ourselves striving for better at all times.

Our assortment of vaping and smoking products includes the following products that you may be interested in.

Lighters In Bulk:

Zippo – Zippo lighters are pretty cool; they’re windproof and refillable. People have been using them since the 1930s, and they’re still popular today. The metal construction is super durable, and the flip-top design makes it easy to light up with one hand. They’re especially great for outdoor activities because they’re resistant to wind and rain.

Liberty  These refillable butane lighters are quite popular in New Zealand. Thanks to their sleek and modern design, they boast vibrant colours and patterns. Liberty lighters are great for everyday use and can be easily refilled when the gas runs out. They’re also wind-resistant, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Liberty lighters are highly reliable and stylish products made with high-quality materials.

Bic – Bic lighters enjoy a reputation that has been consistent for generations. These lighters use pure isobutane fuel, and each lighter can produce up to 3,000 lights. Each pocket lighter is safe even when used at a 45-degree angle, offers a consistent flame, and is child-resistant. So, whether it’s for lighting a birthday candle or for an emergency, Bic lighters are the solution.

Rolling Papers:

Juicy Jay – This brand of rolling papers is famous for enhancing the taste of one’s smoking experience. They come in a variety of fruity and dessert-inspired flavours, such as watermelon and cotton candy.

RAW  RAW rolling papers are a popular choice for smokers who prefer a natural, unbleached paper. Made from vegan, chlorine-free fibres, these rolling papers provide a smooth burn and a clean taste. RAW papers come in a variety of sizes and are easy to roll.

Zig ZagZig Zag rolling papers are a popular choice for smokers who prefer rolling their own cigarettes. They come in various sizes, from single to king-sized, and are made from high-quality materials. Zig Zag rolling papers are easy to use and burn evenly, providing a smooth smoking experience.


Boomerang These filters are effective in reducing tar and nicotine in cigarettes, resulting in a smoother and cleaner smoking experience. These filters fit most cigarette sizes and are made from high-quality materials. Perfect for those who want a healthier smoking option.

Ventti menthol filtersVentti menthol filters are a popular choice for smokers who enjoy the refreshing taste of menthol. These filters are designed to fit on the end of a cigarette, providing a smooth and cool smoking experience. They’re an affordable and easy way to add some flavour to one’s smoking routine.

Hence, strategic buying of smoking accessories in bulk can lead to cost savings, convenience, customer loyalty, and better inventory control. When choosing smoking accessories to purchase in bulk, Stock4Shops has got you covered.

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