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Pantry Basics: A Guide to Stocking Up the Best Wholesale Products 

Stocking the right pantry products in retail may only be a start, but it’s a good one. 

While some find it challenging, it’s often the sweet spots that make it rewarding. 

When you’ve got the products that sell, you get to cut back on your marketing budget as well as improve the overall footfall at your store. 

All it requires is careful planning, understanding what’s sells and what doesn’t, and most importantly, partnering with a reliable wholesale food supplier.

At the end of the day, it’s about the “buy low and sell high” approach. The more profits you make, the better you’ll sustain or shall we say, thrive in the business. 

In this blog, we’ll make stocking pantry products a cakewalk for you. Let’s get started.

Buying Wholesale: An Overview

As a restaurant owner or a retailer, you’re always looking for ways to bring down the costs of the products you sell. 

Profit margins can be thin, so you need to make sure you’re getting the best price on your products without sacrificing the quality.

This is why buying in wholesale matters. Not only does it ensure you get the right price, but also streamlines your inventory processes by delivering the products on time. 

In wholesale, you shop your products in bulk from intermediaries between manufacturers and your store or directly from the producers. 

So, rather than buying in separate quantities, you get stock for your store that too at discounted prices. 

Buying in bulk has a plethora of advantages. Many retailers, whether brick-and-mortar or online, depend on wholesalers for profit. 

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Food

Before the products make it to your shelves, they’re sourced from wholesale distributors or suppliers. 

So, instead of going to separate markets or manufacturers, wholesalers bring your desired products directly to you, that too at discounted prices. 

Here are the advantages of buying wholesale:

1. Cost Savings

Buying in wholesale is the definition of shopping ‘more in less’. Wholesale purchasing allows you to access bulk quantities at lower unit costs. This bulk-buying power translates into significant cost savings, helping you maintain competitive pricing for your customers and healthier profit margins.

2. Product Variety

The second best reason to buy wholesale is the exposure you get to Wholesale suppliers typically offer a wide range of products, from fresh produce to pantry staples and specialty ingredients. This variety empowers you to diversify your menu or product offerings, meeting the evolving demands of your clientele.

3. Consistency in Supply

Reliable wholesalers ensure a consistent supply of products, reducing the risk of stockouts or last-minute sourcing emergencies. This consistency is vital for keeping your retail store running smoothly.

4. Quality Assurance

Reputable wholesalers often maintain strict quality control standards. This means you can trust that the products you receive meet safety and quality benchmarks, enhancing the overall reputation of your establishment.

5. Improved Administration

Buying in bulk reduces the frequency of orders and simplifies inventory management. It frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as customer service and marketing.

Types of Products to Sell in Wholesale

While saving on the price, you might want to look for products that do justice to your customer demand and your inventory levels. 

Here are some of the well performing categories in wholesale food that you can consider. 

  • Packaged Items: These include dry goods such as chips, cookies, chocolates and other munchies. Likewise, they can also include frozen products. They’ve a longer shelf life and can be eaten anytime, in any season of the year — which makes them perfect for bulk ordering.
  • Beverages: Most beverages make for the ideal wholesale products. These include hydration and energy drinks that customers usually buy along with snacks or confectionery. Products like Musashi High Protein are usually non-perishable so you always keep your drink fridges well-stocked.
  • Cutlery: There’s also a great chance that you may be approached by a customer who needs partyware, so providing them with such products can work in your favour. Stocking up paper cups, plates, spoons or other cutlery with your food items ensures product diversification and effective cross-selling; it’s a win-win!
  • Cooking equipment: As a food retailer, you must be aware that people shop for products related to food as well. It not only saves their time from browsing the products from other retailers, but also helps generate sales for you. From peelers to tongs, cooking products are in high demand and can help you in cross-selling.

Best-selling Wholesale Products in New Zealand

1. Jack links Jerky 

Jack Link’s is one of the most sought after and authentic NZ brands that sell delicious jerky. They’ve an impressive range of jerky, including wholesale beef jerky, Biltong, and ham jerky among others that are seasoned with select spices and cater to a wide customer base. 

Plus, many wholesalers supply Jack Links at wholesale prices that ensures you get a branded product at low cost. Stocking up Jack Link’s in the munching collection can make a big difference to your aisle.

2.  RJ Licorice

RJs confectionery is yet another homegrown NZ brand that is lauded for its irresistible sweets. You may not be a stranger to RJs All Sorts, an assortment of different candies tossed in a packet. 

Then, there’s the RJs Fabulicious range that comes in a handful of sweet delights, such as Sour Gummy Rings, Raspberry Twister, and much more. The reasons why RJs is successful in NZ is their variety and impeccable taste. This is why, products like RJ Licorice sell more than average confectionery, thus resulting in more sales and increased profits.

3. Wafer Sticks

Among other munchies and bingeing snacks, Wafer sticks are an excellent choice for retailers. These crispy, flavored sticks are popular ready-to-eat snack that cater to a broad demographic, spanning from children to adults with varied taste preferences. Additionally, wafer sticks offer a longer shelf life, aiding in efficient inventory management. 

With their affordability and cost-effectivenes, you can get a healthy profit margin and ROI. Products like Reese’s Wafer Sticks, Wafer Snacks Choc, and Musashi Protein Wafer Cookies & Cream can work wonders for your wafers aisle.

4. Gummy Lollies

There’s every reason why gummies are must-have for your food store. Firstly, gummy lollies have a broad appeal—they’re loved by kids and adults alike. This diversity in target audience can significantly expand your customer base. 

Whether sold loose or in packets, gummy lollies tend to have a good shelf life and are easy to store, making them a practical choice for inventory management. 

Plus, they come in various flavors, shapes, and sizes, allowing for versatile merchandising options. Also, they’re relatively inexpensive to buy wholesale, offering a good profit margin. 

Lastly, impulse buying is high with gummy lollies. Placing them strategically near the checkout can encourage additional purchases, boosting your overall sales. 

5. Theatre Boxes

Unlike usual snacks and candies, theatreboxes are assorted products with confectionery and snacks in larger quantities. 

As apparent from the name, theatreboxes are an excellent choice for bingeing sessions and movie-nights. With a larger demographic that watches movies and series online, you can tap into the demand with these wholesale theatreboxes.

Theatreboxes come in endearing packaging and are irresistible for anyone. Famous candies like M&Ms, Mike and Ike, Skittles, Starburst, Nerds and warheads come in theatreboxes. 

Stock up Wholesale Food the Smarter Way

Now that you know what products can bring wonders to your sales, it’s time to choose the supplier that can get these products at much lower prices.  

At Stock4Shops, we’re the largest wholesale food suppliers who keep a ready-to-move stock of 1000+ wholesale products, all waiting for you at discounted prices.

For every order above $300+GST, we provide a free delivery within NZ! Plus, you can shop carefree with no minimum order requirements. 

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