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Fresh & New: Discover The Ultimate Picks in Wholesale Confectionery

The Confectionery market is on a roll. 

At least the $124m valued market says so. With a remarkable annual growth of 5.04% for 2023-2028, the ever-increasing demand for wholesale confectionery in New Zealand is quite evident.

As much as people love to nibble on products like Whittakers chocolate, classic M&Ms, and much more, something tells us that the demand has more in store for you.

Even though the recipe for success in confectionery retail may include procuring bulk candy at lower prices, coming up with seasonal offerings, and having a robust marketing strategy, there’s a key tool that’s easy to overlook — variety. 

Product diversification is no new term, but it’s fascinating how it influences buyer decisions. With an impressive variety of candies, chocolates, and other bulk confectionery products, you can ace your retail game with strategies like cross-merchandising and upselling

Also, putting up jaw-dropping retail displays becomes easier with a decent variety of products. You just have to know what will perform and strike out what won’t. This blog will cover everything about the latest confectionery products that you can look out for. 

New Arrivals in Bulk Confectionery: Shop In-Demand Top Sellers

Your product variety speaks volumes about your commitment to fulfilling your customers’ demands. While it’s great to stock up on everything possible, selecting handpicked bestsellers is key. Here are some of the new and finest confectionery products for your store.

1. Kent Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa & Breadsticks

Elevate your snack aisle with the irresistible duo of Kent Hazelnut Spread and cocoa-infused breadsticks. This treat is the perfect blend of creamy hazelnut goodness and indulgent cocoa, paired with crispy breadsticks for a satisfying crunch. 

Ideal for both solo snacking and sharing, this product is pure indulgence. With its convenient packaging, it’s a go-to choice for on-the-go cravings or delightful moments of relaxation.

2. Gumi Yum 

This Japanese treat offers a burst of fruity flavours in every bite, creating a sensory experience that’s hard to match. Their vibrant colours and mouthwatering taste make them a favourite among candy lovers of all ages.

Perfect for your confectionery aisle, Gumi Yum candies come as mini dino eggs, with colourful candy shells and a surprise toy. Gumi Yum is an excellent choice for all seasons, including school holidays and Halloween, among others.

3. Nerds Twist & Mix 

Nerds candy has always been among the top candies for children and adults. Talking about Nerds Twist & Mix, it’s an assorted mix of five delicious flavours, including Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, Cherry and Lemonade. This is one of the bestsellers you can stack up in the aisle.

Along with this Nerds Twist & Mix, we’ve got a wide range of Nerds wholesale products. These include Nerds rope, gummy clusters, and more. What’s better is that these products are available at lower prices than in the market. 

4. Wrigley’s Big Red

With fiery red packaging, this chewing gum garners a good deal of praise in NZ and beyond. It has a bold cinnamon flavour and its fresh breath lasts a little longer than other chewing gums. Wrigley’s big red makes for the perfect choice for near-checkout displays and candy aisles. 

This comes in a pack of 15, and you can also buy wholesale individual packages. At Stock4Shops, we’re ready to ship stock of wholesale confectionery including Wrigley’s Big Red for just $20 per 10 packs.

5. Warheads Galactic Cubes 

When it comes to extreme sourness, Warheads are always on top. Yet, Warheads galactic tubes are somewhat mildly sour, chewy bites that have a delicious secret flavour. Each packet contains 3 equally delicious and space-themed flavours including Black Hole Cherry, Cosmic Punch, and Rocket Raspberry. Warheads theatrebox candy can go well with space or Sci-fi-themed displays at your store.

As a beloved candy hailing from the US, Warheads has a broad customer base in NZ as well. Apart from galactic cubes, we also have Warheads Jelly Beans, Extreme Sour, Wedgies, Ooze Chewz and much more at discounted prices.

6. Starburst 

As a classic favourite among Kiwi customers, Starburst candies have a delicious chewy texture that is hard to let go of. Starburst comes in a compact packaging of four flavours of soft fruit chews, including Strawberry, Lemon, Cherry and Orange. Since Starburst is a decades-old candy, stocking this will enhance your bulk candy offerings. Starburst is among the most sought after candies from the US, and is available with us in all flavours.

7. Chewy Lemonhead 

Add a tangy twist to your candy assortment with Chewy Lemonhead candies. This unique combination offers a refreshing departure from traditional sweet candies. With delicious flavours of Green Apple, Orange, Grape, Cherry, and Lime, this candy is another binge-worthy treat for adults and children. Chewy Lemonhead also makes for a top-selling theaterbox candy that is available for a price as low as $35.65 per dozen at Stock4Shops.

8. Rj’s confectionery 

This wholly owned Kiwi brand needs no introduction. RJs confectionery has always been on customers’ radars and will continue to be a sought after product. Its wide product range, such as RJ Licorice and RJ All Sorts are the most bought bulk lollies of all time. Other hailed varieties in RJs include their Fabulicious candy, Mixed Bullets, Soft Licorice among others that you can browse from Stock4Shops.

Grab the Latest Wholesale Confectionery NZ: Best Deals at Stock4Shops 

Getting the best-quality products should always be the priority, but getting them at the right price is also important. After all, lowered costs mean more and recurrent profits! At Stock4Shops we’ve got an entire range of wholesale confectionery including the aforementioned bestsellers, right here for you. 

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