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5 Authentic NZ Confectionery Classics that Kiwis Love

Whittakers this, Whittakers that. Enough is said about chocolate. How about for once we consider other nostalgic, New Zealand-made sweet treats that deserve more praise than they’re actually given?

If you’re a bulk confectionery retailer you would know the type of products that get sold round the year. These could be shaped gummies, lollies or toy snacks that kids and candy lovers usually buy. 

This blog is all about the top 5 wholesale confectionery picks for your retail store along with one bonus product that are absolutely irresistible. Ready? Let’s begin.

1. Novelty Confectionery 

Putting this right at the top of the list wasn’t an accident. In fact, the Novelty confectionery’s market has been growing non-stop, despite changing consumer trends amidst the pandemic. In 2021 alone, non-chocolate novelty candy amounted to $967.12 million, according to a source.

Novelty candy includes Nerds wholesale, Push Pops, Ring Pops and more. Nerds has been an all-time favourite, while the other candies also need no introduction. Stocking these up at your store at strategic areas such as near the cash counter or at the entrance can help you salvage more sales. 

2. Damel Sweets

Although not exactly from New Zealand, this Turkish delight has found its way to Kiwi’s hearts. Damel sweets are sweet treats that are shaped like hearts, gummy bears, bananas, cola bottles, and much more. 

These multicoloured and multi flavoured mixes are best for parties, movie marathons, or packing in kids’ lunches. They’re so versatile that they are used in baking, games, and many other activities that you could think of —- so getting these will be a win-win for your store! 

13. Rainbow Lollies

If economical, juicy, delicious candies had a name it’d be rainbow lollies. And as the name suggests, these vibrant multicoloured belts, gums, and fish shaped candies are the classic snacks in New Zealand that kids and adults love beyond limits. 

On the economical side, Rainbow jelly candies have a great price according to their quantity and quality. Plus, you can promote them throughout the year, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or just the beginning of summer season when children look forward to starting their new year at the schools. 

4. RJ’s Candies

RJ’s Candies is a home-grown, NZ-made brand that has people wrapped around its fingers with its variety of licorice flavours. 

Founded in 1990 by RJ Doidge, RJ’s unique combination of quality and taste never disappoints. Popular products in RJ’s confectionery include Licorice Allsorts, Raspberry Sticks, Licorice Guns, Twisters, Licorice Choc Twists, and Licorice Nibbles. 

When keeping it real, RJ’s does the best job in retaining the fruit-like flavours and minimum sweeteners that guarantees a delightful taste. Thanks to their high-quality ingredients and innovative creativity, RJ’s Candies has garnered a loyal following not just in NZ but around the world. 

5. Mackintosh’s Toffee

The renowned Mackintosh’s Toffees have been around since the beginning of time (or so it seemed). We offer them in single flavours, which gives us an idea of Kiwis’ preferred tastes, which are, of course, malt and coconut, followed by mint, egg and cream, toffee de luxe, and Harrogate. 

And by the way, Mackintosh is also a product line by RJ’s confectionery, so you can guess the quality and taste it brings. 

6. Pascall’s Fruit Burst

The only Pascall-made sweet to reach the top ten list of the best New Zealand lollies. Fruit Burst lollipops are available in five colours/flavours: green (lemon and lime), orange (orange), yellow (banana), purple (wildberry), and red (strawberry). 

The most popular tastes are banana and strawberry, followed by lemon and lime, wildberry, and orange. 

For Pascall’s fruit burst candy, we have 2 options — a 2-kg bag of loose units and a pack of 170 grams with a mix of flavours. You can shop these at a discount!

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Kiwis have a particular taste when it comes to sweets, and they for sure love homegrown brands like Whittakers, Pascall and RJ’s. As a confectionery retailer, having variety at your store will work out in your favour as it gives you an opportunity to upsell, make candy bundles, or find better ways of promoting and selling your products. 

To have a diverse candy collection at the best prices, we’re at your service. Shop our wholesale confectionery on our website and avail free shipping on product value $300+GST or more! 

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