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Everyday Low Prices
Everyday Low Prices
Get access to the best pricing in the market on a some of your best selling inventory lines.
Open Book Buying
Open Book Buying
You can view our complete shippable range and our exact pricing structure, we have nothing to hide and are completely transparent.
Direct to your store
Direct to your store
Save time driving to cash and carry/ major supermarkets for the best bargains. They are all available right here!
Free Express Delivery*
Free Express Delivery*
No minimum orders and 2 day shipping mean that you don’t need to overstock.

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Customer Reviews


We have been dealing with Stock4shops for a while now. The service we receive has never changed since day one. They are friendly, responsive and also they carry good range of products. They have a nice team. All the team members are very friendly.

Pricecutter Maraenui


I use Stock4shops on a very regular basis. They always have a consistent supply of a wide range of retail lines. Their pricing is very reasonable and their delivery timeframes are great! I would highly recommend Stock4shops as a supplier, especially for Grocery, petrol and liquor stores!

Liquor Store Owner (South Island)


I recommend stock4shops as a supplier for businesses. I could not be any more happier with the variety of products they have to offer and the prices are amazing. stock4shops has helped my business grow with the help of being able to stock a variety of goods in our shop from candy to household items. Saneet is so polite and friendly and serves the best customer service our products are always well packed with quick delivery.We appreciate you. thank you so much for helping my business grow-

The Spider’s Web

Sanmeet Singh

NZ’s Best Online portal. Great company, Great people, Fast service, Honest.

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