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Travel Essentials at Wholesale Prices: Stock up on USB, iPhone and Type-C Chargers NZ

The market is flooded with portable mobile accessories — type-C chargers, earphones, adapters and more.

But it can be difficult to start if you don’t know what to buy. 

The truth is that not most people know that these products have glaring margins. Some could be highly priced with a better quality while some would be available for cheap, but only good for a few days.

In the case of mobile-related accessories, safety takes precedence over other concerns. Non standardised products are a big no for your store, as they could put your customers at risk.

So, where would you find original products worth investing in? Keep reading. 

The Problem with Cheap Mobile Accessories

It’s simple — people want more for less. 

Go to the internet and see billions of searches come up for terms like “Cheap USB C Cable”, “Cheap Car Charger”, and more. 

Unlike fashion accessories, customers are lenient with the branding and quality, but cannot compromise the same in case of phone chargers. In an economy where mobile phones cost a great deal of money, it’s only natural that they are concerned about the quality of chargers as well. 

Talking about these search terms, there are loads of wholesalers who know what people are searching for and they are happy to provide them with those types of products. 

For example, if you try to buy a cheap Samsung Wire Charger, chances are it could last for about 2 weeks. This is because the product would not be original, and it sure would damage the battery health in the long run. 

Many of the mobile accessories circulating in the market are barely innovation inspired. 

Buyers purchase these and go on about their day, little knowing how these accessories can be a potential hazard to their phones or pose serious environmental risk. 

Saving up a few cents on these accessories can cost your customers their expensive devices. And worse, it can cost you your reputation. 

Quality Vs Price: Which One Should You Opt for?

One of the greatest decisions that a retailer has to make is to prioritise quality or sacrifice potential profits. 

We say you can provide quality and get a good profit. All you need is balance between the right price that you can afford to source, and the price that gives you optimal return. 

When you provide a great value for money to your customers, you’ll be preferred more than stores that are not operating on the same lines as yours.

Travel Accessories to Stock Up On: Best Mobile Must-Haves For Your Store

Type-C Chargers

Type-C chargers are the universal charging medium for all portable devices, including iPhones, Android Phones, laptops, and tablets. 

For travel, a Type-C cable is best and is safe for any compatible device. It’s a must have travel essential for your customers. 

A Type-C Cable offers fast charging capabilities, durability, and compatibility with multiple devices. Even though mobile manufacturers are shifting to wireless charging, there’s a major share of users who find Type C charging more efficient and cost-effective. 

Lightning Cables

Lightning cables are essential for Apple device users, and they remain a sought-after accessory. Retailers should prioritise Lightning cables known for their durability and robust performance. These cables should also be available in bulk, allowing you to meet customer demands while ensuring affordability and quality.

Other Must-Have Mobile Accessories

Aside from chargers and cables, there’s a myriad of mobile accessories retailers can offer. These include car charger, USB C cable, Samsung wire chargers, and more. By diversifying your inventory, you can cater to a broader customer base with varying needs.

The Benefits of Buying Bulk 

Wholesalers and retailers have always kept the system running and their involvement continues to meet customer demands. 

The more coordinated suppliers and retailers are, the better the supply chain. 

Alternatively, you can also shop mobile accessories in bulk from a certified manufacturer. Not that it’s always suggested, but here’s why. 

A manufacturer’s key role is to improve production processes and get more returns on cost per unit. With that said, not all manufacturers may be cooperative enough in terms of delivery, quality assurance and quantity checks. 

Plus, if you want products of different brands at the same time, shopping from different manufacturers will only add to the trouble. 

This why Stock4Shops proves to be beneficial — we’ve got a collection of products to choose from, you still get discounted prices and pay attention to your order requirements. 

Not only does it lead to significant cost savings, but it also simplifies inventory management. When you purchase in larger quantities, you can negotiate better deals with suppliers and pass those savings on to your customers, giving you a competitive edge.

Where to Find the Best Bulk Mobile Accessories in NZ 

Finding reputable wholesalers or distributors in New Zealand is the first thing to do when you’re looking to stock up on mobile accessories. 

There’s a reason why you must source headphones in bulk, iphone charger cable and other accessories Energizer rechargeable batteries from trusted suppliers. 

As one of the leading wholesalers in New Zealand, we’re a one-stop shop for everything you need.

Whether it’s about wholesale mobile accessories or household necessities, you’ll get it all at discounted prices. 

Shop from our extensive collection and get free shipping on my order above $300. We deliver within 2 days, and many times you can get your order on the same day.

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